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About East Bernard School

Our East Bernard location is more about community than anything else. Stacie McPaul, our Director, provides a loving environment for the children and knows everyone by their first name. She has been at this location for over 15+ years with lots of knowledge and experience with all age groups. Ms. Stacie and her Assistant Director, Ms. Shelby, take great pride in knowing that our Center is one that strives for excellence and quality in childcare. They provide an awesome loving environment for the children to learn and grow. Our wonderful staff provide a fun and comforting school for the children of East Bernard to enhance their education. Our convenient location is directly across from the public school which allows the school-age children to walk to and from school before & after. We have many long tenured teachers who have been with the Center for many years who are very skilled and passionate about teaching the children. We have an excellent curriculum for all that focuses on children’s early learning education and provides several learning centers. We are passionate about Early Childhood Education and focus on the needs of each individual child.

Come in for a visit with Ms. Stacie or her Assistant, Ms. Shelby, who will be glad to give you a tour and introduce you to our loving staff.

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