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About Bay City School

Creative Care Children’s School is the place to go in Bay City. Enhanced learning activities abound. Annette Rodriguez, our Director, who has 20+ yrs in experience is a bundle of joy added to our Creative Care Families. She absolutely loves her “little friends” and provides a safe environment for them to learn. Her Assistant, Ms. Evelyn, who is our newest Management on board, due to the previous Assistant receiving a promotion, has been a great addition to our Bay City Center. She provides the same love for the children and is always helpful with her staff. They are passionate about Early Childhood Education and focus on the needs of each individual child. Our wonderful staff includes Ms. Udo, Ms. Deborah, and Ms. Jeryn who do a wonderful job teaching our children while Ms. Mary, Ms. Mary, Ms. Ashton, and Ms. Bridgette provide lots of love and nurture for our toddlers and infants. We have an exceptional curriculum that is age appropriate and has a center-based learning approach. A special aspect of Creative Care- Bay City is the Montessori Trained Program. This is an exciting hands-on learning experience, which is incorporated into our daily curriculum. The activities and crafts that they teach prepare the children for success in Elementary school.

There is an instant comforting feeling when you walk into this school! We have a wonderful complement of staff dedicated and truly amazing at what they do.

Creative Care welcomes parents to come meet our loving teachers and explore our safe, friendly environment!

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